Biarritz celebrate the 50 th anniversary of the introduction of surfing in Europe

Released on june 27 th 2007

Surfing first appeared in Biarritz in 1957, almost by chance. It was a curious sight to see young men surfing the waves at the CÙte des Basques beach, just off the Villa Belza.
Surfing now forms an integral part of the local culture. In 50†years, this king of glide sports has become an emblem of Biarritz and the whole region.


All through 2007, Biarritz will pay tribute to the pioneers and all the generations of surfers who have made the history of surfing in France. The Town of Biarritz and the different local players with an interest in surfing will offer the general public a series of festive events devoted to this mythical sport, at the heart of a town intimately linked to the ocean and its waves.